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Buy Pay Here Financing

If you wish to put money down on a vehicle and make payments to DRIVE NOWSM, that is what we call Buy Here Pay Here.

We base our approval on 2 main qualifications.

  1. You must have current employment or provable income.
  2. You must have the advertised down payment.

It is extremely easy to be approved for our buy here pay here program.

Finance Customer And Buy Here Pay Here Checklist
Please bring the following paperwork and information:
  1. Valid ID or Driver’s license
  2. Proof of income / pay stubs
  3. Utility bills and mail in your name
  4. Checking account statement and debit/credit card
  5. Name, Phone Number and Full Address of at least 6 references that don’t live with you
  6. Completed DRIVE NOWSM finance application
And make sure you bring...
  1. Your cash/credit card for down payment. There is a 4% service charge for all debit/credit transactions (avoid a service charge with cash for your down payment)
  2. Bring your debit or credit card to set up automatic payments on your bi-weekly pay date.
  3. Your trade-in vehicle and its title, if applicable.
  4. Contact information for your insurance company. You will give your insurance company the vehicle’s VIN number and they will email THE BINDER of proof of full coverage insurance with a $500 deductible to DRIVE NOWSM before you can legally drive home. Let your insurance company know DRIVE NOWSM INC. is the lien holder.
You must carry full coverage insurance with a $500 deductible for the duration of your loan.
  • Insurance: Full Coverage $500 deductibles
  • Email binder to: ContactDriveNow@gmail.com
  • Lien holder: DRIVE NOWSM Inc. | 5911 N Ridge Rd | Madison, OH 44057